How to Apply the Body Wrap?

One of the eye catching features of the body wrap is efficiency. When you are applying it, you don’t have to go to spa or salon service. You also don’t need someone’s help because you can do it by yourself. You can get a tighter, toner and firmer skin without spending extra for gas and services. You just need to follow the instructions or follow the tips provided here. Before, you go on application, check the list of ingredients first before to ensure that you will not have nay allergic reaction to it. If so, pay a visit to your physician and ask if it can be applied on your skin. Provided that you are free of this allergic reaction, you can now start applying the body wrap.

Preparatory Period

The first thing you need to do is to choose your target area. Measure it or capture its image so, you will have a basis for comparison. After choosing it, wash the skin area carefully or better yet, you can take a shower to ensure that your skin pores are clean and the ingredients of the wrap can be absorbed by the skin. Any dirt that clogs the skin will reduce the effectiveness of the body wrap.

Before you apply the wrap, it is suggested that you drink water half of your weight. It aids in the elimination of toxins in the body. The body wrap will work within 72 hours, you will need plenty of water to avoid bloating.

Application of the Body Wrap

If you have done the ones mentioned above, you are ready for the application. It is very simple. You just need to carefully open the package, unfold the body wrap and wrap your targeted area (arms, thighs, legs, etc. You can use the Saran wrap to tighten it. Leave the wrap on for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes, you can remove the wrap, rub the remaining lotion and see a tighter, toner and firmer skin. Then, capture your targeted area again and see the difference.

While the wrap is on, avoid sweating. Sweat may sweep out the ingredients of the wrap. You can do light household chores. If you are a first time user, stick with the 45 minute rule. If you are not, you can let the wrap on for more than 45 minutes. You can even sleep with it and simply remove it the day after.

After the application

The wrap can be used once in 72 hours only. Whenever you don’t use the body wraps, you must do exercise to ensure that your blood is circulating right. You must also eat a balanced diet and avoid salty foods. You must also stop smoking and drinking alcoholic beverage because it will counteract the results of the body wrap.

The effects of the body applicator can be attested by many users. On the other hand, the body wrap shouldn’t be used to your face because facial skin is much thinner than your body skin. You can use another wrap for designed for it.


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