Bladderwrack: The Seaweed Component of the Body Wrap

The body applicator wrap is a non woven cloth infused with active and natural ingredients including Fucus vesiculosus. It improves the skin texture and tightness because these ingredients get through the basic component of the skin such as the collagen and elastin. Each of the ingredients performs activities that are beneficial to the skin. You have known about the green tea extract in the previous post. Now, you have to know more about the seaweed bladderwrack.

We have known that some seaweeds are used as herbal medicine. It has been used for medication even in the ancient times. One of the most functional seaweed that has been a component of many beauty products is Fucus vesiculosus known as bladderwrack. It is a brownish green algae that can actually be taken as a whole. However, because of its varying iodine content it is not recommended to be taken raw especially for the people with thyroid problems. Instead, it will be more useful if it will be extracted and infused in the body wrap. The ultimate body applicator or simply known as the body wraps contains the bladderwrack.

How the bladderwrack helps?

Antiaging activity. The bladderwrack contains fucoidan that is helpful reversing the effects of aging. This element if a sulfated polysaccharide that helps in retaining collagen as well as decreasing the thickness of the skin. The collagen is a protein amino acid that builds your skin tissues. The health of your collagen reflects the look of the skin. More so, fucoidan boosts the skin’s elasticity. Because of this your skin get tightened, toned and firmed.

Anticoagulant activity. This is one of the major functions of the bladderwrack. It has the capability to prevent blood clots to ensure that every tiny arteries in the surface of the skin will receive the oxygen-rich blood that will nourish and revitalize your skin cells. Poor blood circulation can cause breakage of the skin’s connective tissues that will result in fine lines or wrinkles.

Boost skin detoxification process. Detoxification is the process of flushing out of toxins and inflamed tissues in the skin. As we aged the detoxification process slows down, hence, toxins will invade your skin tissues that will result in premature aging. The bladderwrack in the body wrap will aid the natural skin exfoliation, nourishment, remineralization and regeneration.

Anti-inflammatory and revitalizing activities. The bladderwrack helps in keeping your skin a strong barrier against external hazards. It helps in neutralizing inflammation to ensure the good health of your collagen. With this function, the skin can get a better and supple look even if you are already in your twilight years.

The body wrap is not considered a magic solution to a sagging and slackening skin. It is simply a product of nature that can give and offer miracles in your life. However, when you apply the body wrap, you will need to maintain a healthy lifestyle such as eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and quitting smoking and drinking of alcoholic beverages. Indeed, this is a breakthrough solution from nature and state of the art technology.


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