No Results After Your First Wrap? Here’s What To Do

Using your body applicator wrap – or weight loss wrap – for the first time can be quite exciting. With botanical ingredients such as Vitamin E, seaweed, and green tea extract; you can get a firmer, slimmer silhouette in as little as 45 minutes! Coupled with the right diet and regular exercise, you can keep that figure for as long as you stick to a healthy lifestyle.

However, the outcome may still vary depending on the individual.

There are many reasons why you may not see any result after your first application. That’s normal. Medication, metabolism, and lifestyle choices are all possible elements that might hinder the product from doing its best. That’s why users are advised to follow the directions carefully AND not to rely on the wraps alone. If you’re still experiencing some problems, try these tips to see a difference:

  • Make sure you measured the same area BEFORE and AFTER applying the body wraps. Never forget this crucial step. You won’t know if the product really worked unless you have something to refer to. Aside from measurements, you can also take pictures or a video to document your slimming journey.
  • DO NOT exercise on the day that you will use the body wraps. Working out is great – but don’t do it on the same day as you’d be using your wraps. Exercising leads to sweat, which will block your pores and prevent the ingredients from penetrating.
  • ASK yourself: have you been snacking on sugary, fatty foods? It’s important that you stay on a healthy diet as this will improve your body wrap results. Small snacks can still pack on the inches and pounds. A bag of chips can contain anywhere from 250-600 calories. Opt instead for fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • On your second application, take a warm shower or bath WITHOUT soap. Soap has the tendency to cover up pores. Just take a plain warm shower or bath. Do not apply any lotions or creams either. Just towel yourself dry, then wear your wrap.
  • Make sure to continue drinking HALF your body weight. Water contains no calories and instantly refreshes the body. Even if you didn’t see any results yet, keep drinking half your body weight for the next 72 hours before your next wrap. The body wraps were designed to keep working progressively; so you should see a difference on the second, third, or last application.
  • COMPLETE a full body wrap treatment. This is vital. Some people stop the application when they didn’t see any outcome on the first try. This is a mistake. A full treatment consists of all 4 wraps in one box. Typically, this can be consumed in 2 to 3 weeks. Make sure to continue using the product as directed; along with the right diet and exercise.

No great thing is achieved overnight. The same principle applies to a beautiful, slimmer body. Be patient and work hard. Pretty soon, you’ll see the amazing fruits of your labor.


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