Getting The Most From Your Body Wraps

A lot of people use a body applicator wrap, or sometimes called a stomach wrap, to shed extra inches off their problem areas. Although this product is NOT for weight loss; it is however, effective is helping you tone and tighten sagging skin. With continued use – plus the right diet and exercise – you will see a fitter, more beautiful you in no time.

But results with body wraps vary.

While plenty of users have seen amazing outcomes after only the first application, there are others who would need the complete treatment (which can span anywhere from 2 weeks to a month) before they notice a difference. Aside from various factors like age, metabolism, lifestyle, and medication that can affect your body wrap results; often, it’s also because the product was not utilized properly.

If you’re using body wraps and have not seen any results even after two or more applications, it’s time to evaluate your procedures. Continue reading below to see how correct usage can greatly help you in finally achieving that desired figure:

Checklist #1: Are you monitoring your results?

It might seem like you’re not seeing changes; but it could be difficult to ascertain that fact if you have nothing to reference to. That’s why it’s vital to take measurements of your problem areas BEFORE and AFTER using a wrap. If you can take pictures, even better. This will serve as your point of reference to actually determine if you’re getting the outcome you want.

Checklist #2: Are you sweating while using the product?

Remember: sweat can block pores. Blocked pores mean that the natural ingredients of the wrap cannot penetrate your skin properly. Thus, you might experience less of an impact, or slow results due to this problem. Avoid this by relaxing or doing something less strenuous while wearing the body wrap. Try reading a book, watching TV, or listening to music. If you want to exercise, do so BEFORE or AFTER applying the body wrap.

Checklist #3: Do you leave it on for 45 minutes?

This product was designed to deliver results AFTER 45 minutes. If you take it off earlier, you risk not getting the effect you want; or receiving less of its benefits. Don’t forget to secure the wrap in place using saran wrap or tight clothing (such as Spandex). If you’re doing something you like within that time period, 45 minutes will go by quickly. Once you remove it, you’ll be surprised at how smooth and nourished your skin feels!

Checklist #4: Did you take a warm bath or shower BEFORE applying the wraps?

It’s alright not to have one; but if you want to really get more bang for your buck, a quick warm shower can add wonders. The warmth will open up your pores. This will make the absorption of the botanical ingredients easier. It can also set the mood. Some people love taking a bath or shower before putting their wraps on because it reminds their body to just relax and enjoy the experience.

Before making any conclusions, check first if you’ve been using your body wraps correctly. Remember to have a little patience as well. Day by day, you’ll eventually see a better figure in the mirror.


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