5 Everyday Habits That Can Make You Fat

Are you struggling to get rid of those extra fat?

Or you just recently shed some pounds, but only slowly seeing them creeping back again? Then, there may be some habits undermining all your efforts. One example is that, you are not aware that the size of your plate really matters as much as the size of portion on it. Another one is sharing those delicious-looking photos of fattening and sugary foods that can eventually lead you to eat more. Find out the everyday habits that could be stopping you from losing your weight or causing you to gain extra pounds.

Sharing Photos of Food Online

Surprising right? So how do sharing photos of foods have to do with your extra pounds? One of the most popular and trending topics on the social media such as Instagram and Pinterest are all about foods. From desserts, mouth-watering dishes, drinks, etc. can make you tempt to eat even when you are not hungry after seeing those yummy-looking foods. What you can do to resist the temptation is unfollow those accounts that feature about foods. Or you can just minimize the use of social media and take time to have some exercise.

Shopping Without a Grocery List

Spontaneous grocery shopping is a sure way that can sabotage your efforts in losing your weight. Remember to think of your shopping list as your primary weapon against weight gain. If you make a shopping list of what foods you are going to buy, it reaffirms that you are really committed in losing the extra pounds and keeping it off. Without any list, you will be only tempted. Before shopping, plan what you are going to eat for the rest of the week. Then, list down all the healthy ingredients on your list. This will avoid you to buy those unnecessary foods when you don’t have a list.

Eating When You’re Sad

Do you drown all your problems with food? Or having some snack at work because you are bored or stressed. These are only some of the situations where you are not really hungry but you are managing your emotions through your food. To avoid emotional eating, apply mindfulness to your meals. It allows you to be present when you eat. This will also make you aware when you are truly physically hungry over your emotional urge to eat food. It is also necessary to divert your attention to something else and not on the foods when you are feeling emotional.

Having Midnight Snacks

Eating late at night is considered one of the worst habits. Many studies showed that people who consume a high amount of calories in the evening or late at night are more likely to be overweight than with those who eat their calories during daytime. Also, researchers found out that eating after 8 pm was a predictor of your body weight and was correlated with your daily energy consumption, regardless of how many hours you slept. One smart solution is to skip your nighttime feeding frenzy. Try to eat a diet rich in fiber at dinnertime and avoid mindless munching on your couch.

Drinking Soda

We are all somehow programmed to like sweets. However, some of us are susceptible to feeling of being addicted to sweet foods or have some intense food cravings. Mostly these kind of people usually are overweight and self-soothe with some sugary foods. One smart solution is to avoid your soda habit. Sweetened beverages and your sodas are bad for your health and may increase your blood sugar level. Take time to check labels to make sure that you are not getting too much added sugar. If you have sugar cravings, choose healthy sweet fruits instead.


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