How Exercise Can Make You More Physically Attractive?

Exercise does good in our bodies. It’s no doubt that it promotes a total well being, can reduce the risk of high blood and heart diseases, helps build and maintain strong bones, joints and muscles, and can make you mentally active, etc. But how about beauty? Below are some factors how exercise can affect and why it is beneficial to your physical aspects.

Overall Health Can Be Seen Physically

Although the standards or beauty vary across different cultures, health and youth will always be in fashion because they are always associated with reproductive fitness. Exercise and overall health contributes to a youthful appearance. By exercising, it does not only keeps us fit, but has positive effects that our bodies can benefit in countless ways.

Exercise Improves Circulation

A study shows that a person who exercises regularly and vigorously has lower levels of circulating stress-related hormone, that helps in improving the health of your blood vessel lining. An improved blood circulation can deliver sufficient amount of oxygen to your skin as well as the nutrient-rich blood cells. Exercising promotes clearer skin and a healthier coloration. Many researchers have found out that the heart goes back to its normal baseline strength after a two to three weeks of exercising.

Exercise Can Prevent Wrinkles

The skin is made up of proteins that give its youthful appearance – elastin and collagen. As people age, the elastin and collagen degradation can result because of different factors like chronological aging, sun exposure and oxidative stress. A study showed that prolonged exercise can stimulate the elastin and collagen production and can also improve your skin thickness. If your skin is thin, it is prone to wrinkles, fine lines and even injuries. Because exercising promotes the production of the mentioned proteins, your skin is more hydrated.

Exercise Can Boost Your Confidence and Mood

A lot of studies already showed that people who are less stressed and more confident are also deemed more attractive. Exercise is a good mood booster because it basically releases the chemical endorphins, which can lower your stress levels and improve your self confidence. It also promotes a sense of well-being. A twenty-minute exercise regularly promotes endorphin production.

Exercise Helps You Get A Good Sleep

Exercise can promote longer and restful sleep. Aside from being tired of your workout, exercise reduces the sleep-inhibiting cortisol in your body. The cortisol is the hormone that puts your body into a highly alert state, which makes you ready to ready for the sprint and makes you stay awake. It is also the same cortisol that can fuel your exercise. It is recommended that you should at least exercise 3 to 4 hours before sleeping so as not to disrupt your healthy sleeping patterns.

Exercise such as lightweight resistance training, yoga, swimming and other exercises are better for your body because they are not hard for your joints and other body parts. Pairing it with healthy foods for beauty and body benefits can complement well with your exercise.


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